Wednesday, 9 October 2013



A Minion Picture Tells A Thousand Words

I used to own a pile of photo albums to showcase my ever increasing amount of photographs. That was a long time ago. Fast forward to the present day and all the photos that I took, mostly from my smart phone, are all kept in my digital files. I will share them with friends and family members on my social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram . I no longer keep physical photographs. 

A photograph can elicit strong and emotional response from people as I experience frequently on my Facebook. Words do not have the tone that a picture or photograph can evoke. As the Chinese proverb says “one picture is worth ten thousand words”. How true. Sometimes one picture or photo on my Facebook can attract, maybe not a thousand, but a long list of “likes”. This is the power of visual effect.

Looking at the picture above, which most kids will know, are the minions from the movie “Despicable Me 2”. Look closely and you will discover that all the minions are unique. They are different in sizes, shapes and even expressions. If the picture comes alive with every minion either talking, laughing or singing, imagine what a symphony it can turn out to be. Perhaps a total mess, who knows?

A still picture, if well taken from the right angle and scale will capture the essence of life and events. It brings back fond memories and for kids who have seen the movie, they will always remember all the happy moments. 

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Unwrapping Your Action Figures Toys

I am basically an impatient person and always want to get things done fast. One of the things that peeve me most is unwrapping ‘hard to unwrap’ packages. More often than not I will end up ripping off the beautifully-designed packaging, whether they are made of paper, plastic, vinyl or whatever materials. I always grumble to myself - why are they so difficult to open up?

Some parents may not agree with me but kid’s toy packaging is frustratingly difficult to unwrap. I understand the packaging is meant to secure the toy from theft and loss, but sometimes even a professional thief will give up trying to remove them.

When you finish unwrapping the packaging you are faced with another equally tedious task of untying and untangling all the twist ties, unscrewing screws, and removing tapes and staples. Finally you have to use all your brain juice to assemble the cool looking toy, which is by no means an easy exercise.

So it came as a surprise after watching this video to see how easy it is to unwrap the Despicable Me 2 Minion Stuart. You can actually press Minion Stuart's chest through the transparent window packaging to make him laugh. You can even put your hand through the side window of the packaging to turn his head and activate his voice. This is really a smart way to test a toy before deciding to buy it.

The packaging box contains so much of useful information and pictures, including the story line of the movie, other action figures toys, and instruction on installing the batteries. Assembly Minion Stuart is minimal; in fact all you need is to install the batteries and it is complete. It really is a robust and well-designed piece of toy which I am sure your kid will love.

However not all toys are so well made like the Despicable Me 2 series. It is advisable for parents to always check a toy to make sure there are no sharp edges, small and loose parts which their kids can swallow, pins and staples which can accidentally injure them. Parents should supervise their kids at play and teach them safety and responsibility.

Unwrapping the toy’s packaging is not a walk in the park but seeing the excitement and smile on your kid’s face is worth all the troubles.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

How To Maintain And Store Your Action Figures Toys

Kids are quite fickle when it comes to toys. Their interest and novelty levels change as they grow. Most kids collect different types of toys from the stage of a toddler till their teenage years. This I suppose is one of the best ways to remember their childhood.

Some kids have a strong affinity for action figures toys, like Despicable ME 2, GI Joe and Iron Man. As they discard one for the latest toy, we should teach our kids to take care of their asset, maintain and store them properly. They can treat this toy collection as a hobby and sell them in future for financial gain. The older and rarer the toy is, the more market value it has. This can actually be a profitable business.
So if you want your collection of toys to fetch better value in future, ensure they are kept in good condition.

Here are some tips for your children on how to maintain and store their toys.

The first you should do before storing the toys is to make sure to remove the batteries, if any. If you keep them in the toys the acid may leak and the chemical will cause permanent damage. Furry and plush toys accumulate dust and leather ones are easily stained, so vacuum and clean them thoroughly.
Our hands can be oily and dirty and this may cause discoloration to the toys. So wear gloves before cleaning them, or at least wash your hands before doing so.

Do not store them in a place with strong direct sunlight as it will cause brittleness on the plastic parts and cracks will appear after some time. It is also not advisable to put them in a high humidity place or damp area where insects can wreck your priceless asset.

Invest in cleaning cloths, lotion and large containers or storage boxes to protect them. As your collection ages they become more prone to damage and discoloration, so clean them regularly, but don’t overdo it. Keep them in tip top condition so that you can take them out once in a while to play and admire them. All your investment in money and time may pay you back many times over in future.

If you have any suggestion or better tips I would be pleased to hear from you.

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Despicable Me 2 Actions Figures: A Review

Minions Christmas Gifts

The animated sequel of Despicable Me is back and better than the original.  In Despicable Me 2, criminal mastermind  Gru has turned over to be a good father to his three adopted daughters, Agnes, Edith and Margo. While setting his Minions to cook up a series of jellies and jam, an organisation involved in crime-fighting recruits him to hunt down a wicked and cruel crook who has stolen a lethal serum.  While performing his engaging secret service assignment, Gru found love in Lucy Wilde, a clumsy secret agent. 

The amusing goggle-wearing yellow-hued Minions provide the most chuckles with curt one-liners and creative visual gags. Your kids will love this fast, cheerful , hilarious and inspired family entertainment.

These famous and unforgettable characters of the movie are now made available for the coming 2013 Christmas season. Suitably called the Despicable Me 2 Action Figures for children, they include the popular Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Talking Action Figure, Gru The Talking Genius Action Figure, Minion Tim The Singing Action Figure, as well as Bedtime Agnes, Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn and The Fart Blaster.

Minion Dave – Talking Action Figure (8”)


Minion Dave

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Suitable for children age 4 and above

Original and unique 55 different sayings and noises as you hear in the movie

To hear Dave talk with funny expressions, press his pocket. To move his head or hear another amusing expression, press his pocket again.

Enter the “Banana Mode” by pressing the back of his tongue and he will yell banana thinking his food has arrived. Enter the “Super Banana Mode” by pressing his tongue twice and he will make a disgusting “farting’sound.

High quality audio and good to feel “soft-touch skin”

Try Me packaging with 2 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration.


Some customers’ reviews :

***** This minion is well built, durable, has moving eyes, moving eyelids, and has actual minion "speak" from the movie. If you have a movie memorabilia collection, Dave is a must! 

***** Fun and laughter, whichever way you twist and turn. Giggles and gibberish words guaranteed! Eyes roll, mouth moves. Super cute!

**** The product quality was almost all as expected.
Only problem was that the product seemed to be poorly cared for before packaging for shipping, because the color on one of its hair and its clothing had scatch marks, and some parts of the "skins" had minor smudges of gray or black.

Minion Tim – The Singing Action Figure  (10”)  

Tim is the tallest of the 3 Minions and his specialty is Singing. Reproduces the unique look and feel of the character in the movie. A MUST buy for fans of Despicable Me.

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Suitable for children Age 4+

25 unique and original voice Minion sayings plus 3 song clips!  

To hear Tim talk with funny expressions, press his chest button! For another response/expression, press again or move his head

Singing Mode – Move his head quickly left & right 6 times to activate his Singing mode. Move his head again to hear more of his singing!  

High quality audio and good to feel “soft-touch skin”

Try Me packaging with 2 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration.

Some customers’ reviews :

 ***** Tim is THE BEST! You want to smile? Cheer up a loved one? This is the toy for you. I swear every time I walk by the little guy, I have to shake his head to hear a saying or have him sing to me. You know you're in trouble when you start treating a toy like one of the family. Buy won't be disappointed!

***** I have all 3 of them and I love it!!!
Now just waiting for Amazon to sell the Dave collector edition

**** My kids love this toy. Expect the paintwork to be ripped off especially the areas where they touch it regularly, hair, belly, tongue and it's clothing logo.


GRU – The Talking Genius  (11”)

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Suitable for children Age 4+

25 unique and original sayings/laughs

To hear GRU talks just press the Talk button

To hear him talk  with moving head and arm actions, turn his legs

Try Me packaging with 2 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration.

Specially ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Some customers’ reviews : 

***** Oh, my! This is so great! This is really awesome! If you're a fan do not hesitate, buy it! 

**** I wish Gru would stay standing up! It's really difficult to get him to stand on the small platform because he's so top heavy!!!

In addition to these adoring action figures, you will definitely want to consider other Despicable Me toys for Christmas including, Bedtime Agnes Plush, Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn, Kevin Plush, Evil ONE EYED Purple Minion 10" Plush,  and The Fart Blaster.